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Jared Leto reveals reasons behind his method acting

The 45-year-old actor has revealed he wore contact lenses to make him temporarily blind whilst filming ‘Blade Runner 2049’ because his character Niander Wallace has lost his sight, and he has admitted he only carries out extreme measures because he doesn’t think he could give an honest and convincing portrayal otherwise.

Speaking to PEOPLE about his preparation for movies, he said: “If I was a better actor then maybe I wouldn’t have done it! I would’ve pretended — I would’ve acted.”

As well as wearing the contact lenses, Jared was able to learn how to act as though he had a visual defect by working with a blind man named Chris.

Jared said: “I had a young man named Chris in Los Angeles who lost his sight at a very young age and he was my teacher. We actually modelled Niander’s eyes after Chris’s eyes, though Chris’s eyes are even more brilliant.”

The star has admitted he “always” tries to act “as little as possible”, so he will happily do whatever he can to make a “stronger reality” for himself.

He added: “I always try to act as little as possible, so whatever I can do to make a stronger reality for myself I generally try to do it.”

Jared is believed to have sent unusual gifts to his fellow ‘Suicide Squad’ cast members to help him get into the role of the Joker, but after embellished rumours started circulating about his presents he has vowed to “never” to discuss how he gets into character.

He said: “I should just never talk about it because I’m not doing it to talk about it — I’m doing it for me. One basic response I have is, ‘I’ll work the way I want to work, you work the way you want to work.