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Chris Clark to propose to Amber Dowding when he’s rich

Chris Clark will propose to Amber Dowding when he’s “earned some good money.”

The happy couple have dated on and off for two years but they’re in no rush to walk down the aisle because they want to move out and earn more cash before they throw a glitzy bash.

Asked when he’ll get down on one knee, he exclusively told Bang Showbiz: “When I’ve earned some good money! Not anytime soon don’t worry about that. I mean, we’re 23, 24, it will happen, we haven’t even moved out yet. I can’t get engaged to her living at home. There’s other steps first.

“It’s different for females and males. Girls grow up wanting the fairytale wedding, I know this is going to sound negative, but a wedding and engagement is just spending money. There’s people out there not married not engaged and they’re stronger.”

And, although she knows they’ll eventually get hitched, Amber agrees that it’s best to wait because they are still enjoying getting to know one another and spending time together.

She explained: “It is going to happen because I definitely want to get married, it’s alright the dad pays for the wedding so you haven’t got to worry it’s my dad who’s got to start saving.

“I think we want it to happen. Actually seeing if we can live with each other before he puts a ring on it. Do you know what it is, you don’t ever know anyone.

“My mum and dad have been married 25 years and still learn things about each other now so what’s the point in rushing it? A ring doesn’t mean anything. If you love someone what’s a ring?”